Top Hatting in Blackjack - Sure Way for Winning

Top hatting is a gambling word that may mean a way of cheating in order to increase the chances of winning. It is usually done in the most commonly played casino games including roulette. Top hatting may be based on past posting, which is placing a bet after cards are exposed or the winning number is known. Apparently, these are illegal, and players get attracted to top hatting because it is interesting. However, it is hard to pull off as it also requires strategies. Top hatting is commonly done in roulette. It is a form of gambling and therefore, must be avoided by players who do not cheat.

Cheat Method Details

Top hatting is done with a partner usually. Of course, partner must be a trusted one who will not squeal anything whatever happens. But aside from trust, cheaters must also know each other’s skills. Dealers are more likely to participate in this cheating method. Once they decide to do it, the plan starts even before the game begins. When everything is done right, this method will not be seen by other players especially at the roulette table that it is usually overcrowded. If it is done with a dealer, the dealer place chips on a number that won in the particular game round. But he only adds bit in every round so the action is unnoticeable. Skill and understanding is necessary in order to pull off this cheat successfully and earn money.

Even croupiers themselves admit that top hatting is complicated and requires a lot of skill in order to go unnoticed. Top hating happens throughout the world and brave players do it just to have more earnings, but the risk of course, is being banned from playing. Modern casinos have a lot of cameras around players which could actually tell if a player cheats. Top hatting today is such a walk at the edge.

Meeting a Cheater

Casino card games such as blackjack attracts many players because it is easy to play and could be very rewarding in terms of monetary rewards. This may also attract players to do some form of cheating in order to gain advantage. In every game there will always be chance to cheat and take advantage of the play, and so there are many scams developed. Blackjack top hatting is not as popular as roulette’s, but it does exist. Players and casino administrators must be fully aware of it and so they must be vigilant and have the presence of mind whenever they see cheaters. Players must always be mindful about the actions of co-players and dealers, and report suspicious gestures to the proper authorities.

Whatever their motives are, players must refrain from top hatting because they could be banned from playing their favorite blackjack game. They may pull it off successfully and get away with it, but their conscience may hit them hard at the end of the day. They may have earnings, but the fulfillment is not there because they earned it just because they cheat. It is still nice to know that a player achieved something out of an honest play rather than by cheating.

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