Pastposting in Blackjack - Cheat for Winning

If you are looking for the right type of cheat that will help you win the blackjack game, pastposting can be the best way to do a trick. This trick is just to make that is not too obvious not to be caught be casino staff. This trick was one of the best tricks and it has been widely used globally for a long period of time. Pastposting is used not just in blackjack but in other casino games too. During the earlier times, the players surpassed the situation by putting a late wager in case of dealer's distractions. On the other hand, the modern day play is different with the advent of technology casinos can install cameras where players cannot hide anything at all. Even if the dealer will not be able to notice the events, the players cannot hide anything from the cameras.

Postposing History

It was 7 years ago when a man was caught pastposting in a casino. The method he used was intended for horse race betting and as soon as he succeeded and case became known for many players, the method was widely used by other players to win in a casino game particularly in a blackjack game. A man named Mumbles is now considered the father of pastposting since it was him who is responsible for introducing the technique in a casino in 1950. From there, a lot of casino players are adapting this cheat to be able to win in a blackjack, craps and roulette game.

The Process of Pastposting

Pastposting is a smooth process when it’s done in a right manner without letting others know that you are actually cheating while you are playing. Sitting far or just standing far from the place of dealer is one way to cheat and your bet will appear as five dollars chips. Once the player or all the players were caught raking since it is illegal in casinos, the players will be asked to explain and would be forced to apologize to other players. But if the wager wins, the gamer should be very much surprised like he had placed the bet at by accident. If the casino goes over the taped video later on, it may find out or check the winning bettor. Once the wager really made the player won, he will continue to play and will continue to get money.

Pastposting really works all the time though there are times when you will find yourself not lucky in using it. The way you play and perform it will determine if the cheat will work or not for a particular moment. The player should be smart enough to be able to use the cheat in an effective and effortless manner without making the others notice it.

Blackjack is truly a game of skill that a lot of people would like to try. Not everyone knows that there is a trick when it comes to pastposting so those who would like to try it should know that it will be best to find out how everything goes before they try it.

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