Blackjack Cheats: Is It Possible to Play and Win Blackjack Illegally?

Thanks to big blackjack popularity, many people try to do everything in order to win money; the fact is that some of them try to do it illegally and become such-called blackjack cheats. These blackjack cheats know many methods concerning how to beat blackjack though it is not very easy for them to do of course: casino security systems watch them carefully and ban them at once they use cheating to play blackjack.

Such blackjack strategy as card counting was also considered to be the method of blackjack cheating before though gamblers did not use any additional devices in order to use it; today, casino pit bosses still do not like counters and have a right to decide whether they will gamble in the casino or not.

The following cheating methods are used by blackjack cheats to win this game illegally:

  • Card Marking
  • Card Bending
  • Spooking
  • Card Mucking
  • Card Switching
  • Dealer Collusion
  • Computer Devices

Not all of them are used often: marking, switching and collusion are considered to be the most popular cheating methods among gamblers.

Card Marking

This method is the easiest one to cheat and probably that is why it is one of the most popular ways to cheat at blackjack. Card marking is the oldest method to cheat: gamblers always tried to mark a card somehow in order to determine it during the game; they used various tricks for this goal: for example, they marked cards with the help of inks or scratches (it is much easier to do for women because of long nails).

Card Switching

This method is not as easy as card marking but it is very popular anyway: to practice it, a cheater should have a very good sleight of hands because card switching means card replacing. Usually, sleeves of a gambler are used here: a cheater has cards in his sleeves and replaces cards from his hand with the better ones from his sleeves. Casino dealers watch gamblers with long sleeves very carefully because of this cheating method.

Dealer Collusion

This method was very popular among cheaters before: a gambler tried to bribe a dealer in order to get better cards and win at blackjack. Today it is also possible to meet dealer collusion in casinos though casino employees prefer not to risk now as they may lose their jobs because of being involved in this deal. Their good job in casinos and salary are not worth such a risk.


Who are all those people who try to beat casinos out of big money illegally? Are you sure you understand their real goals of cheating blackjack? Do they want to get big money or do they just like risking? Some blackjack cheaters are famous and their names are well-known for all blackjack gamblers: Joe Classon, Jerry Palmer, Dustin Marks. Read about all of them here.

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