Best Blackjack Books to Read and Reveal All Secrets of the Game

The following blackjack books will reveal all secrets of this game for readers beginning with bases and ending with difficult blackjack strategies understandable only for advanced gamblers.

Beat the Dealer

by Edward Thorp

This book which was first published in 1962 had become a bestseller at once because the author described card counting strategy in details there: it was the first attempt to reveal this winning strategy for average gamblers and it was made in understandable and acceptable for them way.

Edward Thorp tells about various counting methods in this book and proves the fact blackjack game can be beaten if you know it perfectly.

Basic Blackjack

by Stanford Wong

The author reveals all blackjack variations and their rules in this book: well, probably, you've chosen the one blackjack game to win for yourself and if it is so it will be just interesting for you to find out interesting facts concerning rule variations, side bets, blackjack bonuses and so one.

Do not forget also about basic blackjack strategy which is a must-know for every gambler who plans to become a blackjack professional.

Theory of Blackjack

by Peter Griffin

Everybody knows today that blackjack game is possible to win with the help of mathematical schemes; but not everyone understands these schemes perfectly. This book will be useful for every advanced blackjack player as it explains all mathematical aspects of card counting and basic blackjack strategy.

This book should not be bought if you are a newcomer of blackjack as you will not find any basis of the game there; choose another one for being your first guide of blackjack.

Million Dollar Blackjack

by Ken Uston

The author of this book shares many interesting blackjack stories concerning card counting which happened to him when he was the member of blackjack counting team. If you are a professional blackjack gambler this book will be an interesting entertainment for you.

If you are a blackjack newcomer, Million Dollar Blackjack may be your good inspiration.

Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 As a Martial Art

by Arnold Snyder

One more good introduction and card counting guide for blackjack beginners and intermediate players: Arnold Snyder represents also some new counting strategies here - Red 7 and Zen Count; the topics of bankroll and blackjack odds are also discussed here.

The information concerning shuffle tracking given in this book will be useful for advanced blackjack players.

Bringing Down The House

by Ben Mezrich

The author of this book is a former member of MIT blackjack team - the well-known card counters who used Hi-Lo system to beat money out of casinos in 1990s. He describes all methods the team used: the role of every team member, signs they used to understand each other in casinos, methods they used for bringing money to Vegas…

This book was the basement for two interesting blackjack movies about MIT blackjack team: 21 and The Last Casino.

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