Special Rules to Take Part in Blackjack Tournaments

If you decided to check your blackjack skills and take part in blackjack tournaments, do not forget to learn tournaments rules perfectly first because they differ a bit from a traditional blackjack casino game. Certainly, the objective and main aspects of the game stay the same; but every casino, which organizes a tournament, can give also its own set of additional rules which should be remembered and followed.

General Rules of Blackjack Tournaments

  1. Every blackjack tournament has its own structure: the number of rounds will depend on the number of participants.
  2. Every player starts a tournament with a certain number of chips: every round is started with the same number of chips and it does not depend on how many chips participants had before.
  3. The winner of a tournament will be a player who has the biggest number of chips after the last round is finished.
  4. To take part in a tournament every gambler should pay the entrance fee and buy a certain number of chips.
  5. Some rounds of a tournament are elimination ones: gamblers with the lowest number of chips will be eliminated after them.
  6. Some tournaments have a such-called re-entry: if a gambler was eliminated he would have a chance to pay the entrance fee once again and join the tournament one more time.
  7. Some tournaments allow a secret bet: a gambler has a right to make a secret bet once per every round and this bet is not known by other participants.
  8. Remember that you do not play against a dealer at a blackjack tournament: you play against other gamblers here.
  9. A blackjack tournament goes faster than a traditional blackjack game because a certain number of seconds is given to a participant for making a decision.
  10. Some tournaments allow a such-called two players' rule: two participants with the largest bankroll go to the next round instead of only one.

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