The Most Popular Blackjack Games to Choose From

Together with traditional blackjack casino game we know and love to play, a lot of its exciting variations exist: these blackjack games were invented by gamblers in order to make the game being more interesting to play.

The objective of all blackjack games remain the same: to beat the dealer without exceeding 21 points, though their rules have some differences and this fact makes all these games being so thrilling to play. All of them can be found in online casinos and is one of it, so, even if you do not have an opportunity to visit Las Vegas or Europe you are welcome to enjoy the following blackjack variants (or choose one the best for yourself to try).

In order to choose the perfect game for you, you have to compare their differences as the main idea at all blackjack variations remains the same. But be careful – though some of the details may seem to be rather beneficial, they can become the reason of your lose. Pay attention to the numbers of decks which are used in the game and whether dealer stands or hits at hard/soft 17.

The Best Blackjack Games to Try

Blackjack Game

Main Features


  • English blackjack game
  • Special card combinations to give more advantage to gamblers
  • British English terms to remember
  • A dealer is a winner until s/he busts
  • Available online or in European casinos

Spanish 21

  • It is played with a Spanish deck of cards (48 cards, 10's are absent)
  • A player can double any number of cards
  • Different payouts according the number of cards in a hand and card suits
  • Special combinations of cards which can bring extra money to a winner

Perfect Pairs

  • It is played with 4-6 decks of cards
  • Perfect pair is a side bet you can make if you think your 2 cards will be a pair
  • You can double only once
  • A dealer always hits Soft 17
  • Payouts for perfect pairs differ depending on its type: mixed pair, colored pair and perfect pair.

Blackjack Switch

  • A player gambles with 2 hands
  • Bets should be equal for both hands of cards
  • A dealer hits Soft 17
  • A dealer's 22 push all hands except Blackjack
  • Blackjack of a dealer and Blackjack of a player are of the same quality

Vegas Strip

  • It is played with 4 decks of cards
  • Can be found only at Las Vegas casinos
  • You can not double after splitting
  • A dealer stands on 17
  • Insurance is lost automatically if you split

Super Fun 21

  • You win automatically if your hand of 6 and more cards gives you 20 points
  • Splitting up to 4 times is available
  • You can double at any point
  • Blackjack is paid even money, not 3:2

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