One More Method of Blackjack Cheating to Know: Dealer Collusion

Frankly speaking, dealer collusion or, as it is also called, dealer cheating was more popular in the past than it is today; and it quite easy to understand why it is so. But first of all let's try to understand how this method of blackjack cheating works and what are your risks here if you decided to try it anyway.

How it Works

Dealer collusion is actually the easiest method of casino cheating because it does not demand any special knowledge, skills or slight of hands (which are needed at card switching for example); everything a cheater needs to have is a lot of money because this method is about bribing a dealer and managing the game as a result.

A cheater comes to a casino and tries to bribe a dealer: as a result, he gets a right to manage a game and win often. Players told many stories when one gambler won blackjack all the time while he stayed at the table but a dealer began to win at once after that gambler left the table. Interesting, isn't it? Usually, a cheater promises to share winning with a dealer or just gives him a lot of money before the game to be sure a dealer will play by his own rules.

Cheater's Risks

When a cheater bribes a dealer, he has to do nothing but trust this dealer and rely on him; but it is too risky of course because you cannot be sure that this casino dealer will play by your rules after you gave money to him. The fact is this dealer can be also bribed by a casino or he just does not want to risk by losing his job and prefers to tell a casino security about your attempts to bribe him.

The consequences will be not very pleasant for a cheater of course: first of all, he will be banned from this casino forever of course; bur the chances also are that this cheater will be arrested at once.

But even if a dealer agrees to help you and accept your money, who will give you a guarantee? He may promise to help you but it is not the fact he will definitely do that. The point is you will not complain because you do not want to be caught as a cheater; so, you risk losing big money if you decide to try winning blackjack with the help of dealer collusion.

Interesting fact! Casinos check their dealers every 20 minutes (with the help of eye-in-the-sky or other security systems); so, it is clear why dealers are not in a hurry to agree for collusion today: the risk is too high here.

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