The Short Review of Ultimate Blackjack Tour

Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) is among the most popular televised blackjack tournaments: it was created and produced in 2006, and two seasons of this show saw the light already. UBT is quite attractive for blackjack gamblers, both newcomers and experts of this game: unlike WSOB where only invited gamblers can participate, UBT welcomes everyone who wants to take part in a tournament and win the main prize.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour takes place in some cities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Paris and others. The hosts of this tournament are Mati Moralejo and Max Rubin, and one tournament consists of 10 episodes where the participants struggle for $1 million.

The winner of the 1st season's Championship was David Matthews; the winner of the 2nd season's All-Stars Tournament was Phil Hellmuth.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour's Rules

  1. 30 blackjack hands should be played before the winner is determined: this will be the participant with the highest number of chips.
  2. The 8th, 16th and 25th hands are Elimination hands: one player who has the least amount of chips will leave the tournament after these hands are played.
  3. The minimum bet is $500 and the maximum bet is $25 000: a gambler should have this sum in chips in order to take part in a tournament.
  4. 7 players usually sit at one blackjack table and play every hand clockwise.
  5. A participant has only 25 seconds to make a decision; if it is an Elimination hand - 40 seconds are given.
  6. Every player has a right to make a Secret Bet once during the game; Secret Insurance also takes place at UBT.

Interesting fact: poker players are also invited to take part in this blackjack tournament though they do not usually have any blackjack background; the producers of UBT had made such a step in order to make this tournament being more interesting for the audience to watch.

Moreover, the audience had a chance to observe a dealer's hole card during the game which made this show being more exciting to watch.

Today many websites are devoted to Ultimate Blackjack Tour, and this fact proves the big popularity of this televised blackjack tournament.

Certainly, UBT differs a lot from such a tournament as King of Vegas where participants play not only blackjack but also 8 other casino games to find out which of them is the real king of Vegas.

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