Blackjack Tournament Winners

Blackjack is a widely played casino card game perhaps because of its simplicity in terms of rules and mechanics. But a game will not be so exciting if a players only compete against a dealer. Hence, tournaments make Blackjack all the more interesting because players could play against each other. Like other casino games, Blackjack can be played through tournaments. Tournaments can be hold through the traditional play at casinos and various platforms, or online. Players who are captured by the charm of Blackjack can freely learn how to join tournaments and be good at it. In the Internet, there are many resources that teach them the complicated rules and tips. People join tournaments for both fame and fortune, and participation in tournament is always worth the try.

Types of Tournaments

There are various types of tournaments involving blackjack. They can be classified into sit and go, scheduled, free roll, live and online, plus elimination and non elimination. Among these, sit and go is the most commonly adapted format. As suggested by the name, there is no scheduled start time. As soon as the desired number of players is reached, the tournament begins. Compared to scheduled tournaments, sit and go tours have smaller prizes. Scheduled tournaments start at a given time and date. Registration is needed in order to participate and so entry fee is also required. Free roll tournaments are usually hold online, to attract more visitors to the site. These tournaments require no entry fee but a prize may still be guaranteed. This type of tournament is a good starting point for novice players who would like to be familiar with such tournaments. Live ones are played in live casinos while online casinos are done via the Internet. Elimination tournaments eliminate gamers after every end of the round, while non-elimination tournaments declare those with lots of chips at a particular time as the winner.

UBT - Blackjack Tour for Everyone

Ultimate Blackjack Tour is a popular TV series that features Elimination Blackjack tournaments. It started September 2006. Winners of the week round return to for the tournament final competition. It accepts Internet qualifiers aside from professional players. The show was broadcasted in two seasons. The first season featured professional Blackjack players David Matthews, Ken Eniger, Anthony Curtis and Dave Stann, among others. It has seven tournaments, and the champion was David Matthews, while Adrianna Jade finished as the runner up. For the second season, a total of 6 tournaments were played, and finishes off with an All-starts tournament. Phil Hellmuth was lucky to be the champion and Rene Angelil became his runner up.

Blackjack tournaments might not be as well-popular as other casino tournaments, but they certainly add color to the life of an avid player. Players can get tips and strategies from books authored by expert players themselves, in order to get that championship they desire. They can also count cards on blackjack websites that feature the most advances strategy of the game, as well as other complicated techniques that may help them become the next blackjack tournament winner and earn the title and prize money.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack online: play free for fun or place real money stakes. At all events - you play superb blackjack casino games at home!

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