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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games. It is also called twenty-one game, wherein a player plays against the dealer. A player is initially deals two cards to each player at the table and himself. The objective of the player is to get hand of cards that must be higher than that of the dealer’s, but not more than 21. Player can hit, meaning to get an additional card if he feels it is safe to get another card to reach 21. The cards Jack, Queen and King are equivalent to 10. Ace can be equal to 11 or 1. Twenty-one is actually a card game that came before Blackjack, though today they share the same rules and features of game running. Original rules have slight variations from those we have now. Today there are now many variations to the game, but game still is gaining popularity in most casinos, including online platform.

Watching Blackjack at TV

Just like other famous card games, blackjack has its own literature, which includes a number of useful books that offer strategies and tips by expert players themselves. Aside from books, there are a lot of hit movies about the said card game. These movies include 21, Croupier, The Last Casino, The Hangover and Rain Man. But aside from movies, there are also well-known Blackjack TV shows. Among them is the popular TV series Blackjack in Australia. The series doesn’t tackle the card game, but revolves around the life of Jack Kempson, a detective. Collin Friels stars as the lead role. He was assigned to solve old unsolved cases from years back. The man is passionate enough to solve these crimes using modern techniques and technology. He is an honest man who is always seeking for justice.

Blackjack at Animated Series

There is also a manga series called Black Jack. Manga is Japanese animated series. The said series deals with the adventures of Black Jack, a doctor. There is also an episode of the series The Adventures of Ellery Queen entitled Black Jack, which is its Episode 22. A TV series called Jericho by CBS also has an episode titled Blackjack. This was the thirteenth episode which was aired in 2007. But the said series doesn’t speak of the game. Instead, the title refers to a place. There is also an episode of the hit cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants entitled Blackjack, which was aired on its fifth season, particularly on August 2, 2007.

There are not so many TV shows that revolve around the card game Blackjack, but there are many meaningful shows entitled as such because of interesting reasons that are all worthy to find out. For Blackjack aficionados, they can always check out movies that show a casino setting that shows Blackjack, or the mentioned movies above. The Hangover is a nice watch because it is comedy and features the game being played by the main characters.

Blackjack Online

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