Blackjack Glossary - Game Terminology

Blackjack is a famous casino game with the aim to beat the dealer by having a higher hand that should not exceed 21. It is played by being dealt with 2 cards initially. Ace can be equal to 11 or 1, while the cards Jack, Queen and King are equivalent to 10. The other cards are equal to their numerical value. A player has an option to be hit, or be dealt with a third card once he finds his two cards very low. There are many variations of the game, but for a player to learn how to do it properly, he must be familiar with some of the basic terms used when playing.


Hit: Hit means to take another card from the dealer. It can be expressed using hand signals like tapping the table or scarping cards against a table face up.

Stand: This means a player will no longer take cards. It can also be called stick, stay or stand pat.

Double-down: This means a player is allowed to double his original bet and receive only one additional card when there is a total of 10 or 11.

Split: The player has the option to split two cards of equal value. By then their original bet will be matched and each hand is played separately.

Surrender: Some games allow players to forfeit half of their bet. This is done by throwing their hand.

Insurance: A player can take insurance once he feels the dealer has blackjack after him showing an Ace, by which a payout of 2:1 is used.

Game Details Terms

Big Player (BP): the highest bettor in a Blackjack cheating team.

Ace-Neutralized: This is a system used in playing Blackjack. Here, Ace is counted as zero.

Draws the Paint: It means receiving a card that is equivalent to 10.

Burn Card: The top card removed from play before dealing cards.

Exposed: A card turned over to see the value.

Face Cards: Any of the ten-valued cards Jack, Queen or King.

First Base: The seat to be dealt first, usually seat farthest from the left of the dealer.

Hard Total: A hand wherein Ace is counted as 11.

Head-on: A game played by a single player against a dealer.

Nickles: Chips that are equal to $5 denomination.

Hole card: The card of the dealer that remains unrevealed until all hands are resolved.

General Casino Terms

Bankroll: This is the total amount of money available for gambling.

Barred: There are players that are permanently prohibited to play Blackjack at a casino, and therefore, they are banned there.

Bet: A player’s wager at a specific hand.

Black Book: A list of the barred players in Blackjack.

Blacks: Chips equal to a hundred dollar denomination. Name is derived from the color of these chips.

Flat Bet: A system of betting wherein the same amount of bet is placed regardless of the play.

These are only a few common terms used in playing blackjack. By the time a player starts to play the game, he can learn a few more advanced words.

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