Innovative Blackjack Variations - Best Offers for Players

The online casinos have made blackjack a better game for playing as all possible variations can now be found at online casinos. These variations have been put there to ensure that the game remains interesting. They have also been used to remove the monotony from the game and make it be easier to play.

Spanish 21

The Spanish 21 might be among the most popular blackjack variations because of its low house advantage. Many card players would not pass out a chance for a round of Spanish 21 since it allows such things as late surrender, which other variations do not offer. With Spanish 21, you can always double down and get a payout bonus easily. In essence, this is one of the most popular gamer blackjack variations available, and at the same time the easiest to win.

Blackjack Switch

The blackjack switch is one of the most popular blackjack variations among all that can be found today. It involves less of luck and more of wit all through the game. Equal bets are placed on both hands since the players are able to play two hands simultaneously. They are also allowed to interchange the second cards that are dealt on each hand so that they are able to create a perfect pair for themselves. This is quite advantageous and it leads to better winning rate. In some online casinos, the soft 17 rule is also applied. If there are two or more pairs in the first four cards that you are dealt with, that is an automatic win. All these easy rules enable players to be able to get wins from an early stage in the game. Though most of the work will be done through intuition, perception and prowess, this variation of blackjack is able to bring out wins for anyone who plays it keenly.

Vegas Style Blackjack

Vegas style blackjack is known because it offers a competitively lower house edge when compared to the other variations. Most casino gamers get addicted to these variations because the stakes are lowered and with a little prowess, they are able to comfortably keep afloat.

Double Exposure

In double exposure, both of the first two dealer’s cards are exposed.

Double Attack

Double attack is quite similar to double exposure though in this variation, all the cards are not used.

European Style Blackjack

This is a recent innovation in the online casino sites and it has two basic rules. If you bet on the first two cards being equal to or more than 13, you win according to the bet that you made. It is quite simple and relaxed though the stakes tend to go higher and higher with every subsequent win.

Other popular variations are the pontoon, perfect pairs, triple seven progressive blackjack, blackjack surrender and the classic blackjack. Whichever variation you wish to play, blackjack usually has a way of making people have fun. Apart from that, reading the instructions and being sure that you do not make a major blunder throughout the game is a sure way to keep you on your toes. Start by picking a variation that has a low house edge and progress from there since with this choice, the losses are never too great to bear.

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