The Most Famous Blackjack Cheaters in the History of This Game

Winners never cheat, cheaters never win!

This saying is not far from truth though the exceptions have place of course: these people are famous for being blackjack cheaters and using various cheating methods in order to beat blackjack and win much money illegally. Some of them were caught by casino security systems, some of them were able to stay unnoticed; anyway, each of them has left his own footprint at the history of blackjack.

Are they heroes or pariahs? It is up to you to make conclusions.

Do You Know Them?

Jerry Palmer

This person is known as the author of a pastposting move at blackjack casino game; he was the member of a well-known cheating team of Joe Classon which practiced craps and roulette first, but Jerry Palmer had made blackjack being their main game of choice. He is considered to be the inventor of some cheating techniques which are used by blackjack cheaters today; Mr. Palmer was a very successful blackjack cheater but he soon left the cheating business. Jerry Palmer died because of drug overdose in 1994.

Joe Classon

It was not difficult for this person to cheat casinos at blackjack and other casino games (craps and roulette in particular) because he was the leader of the most successful pastposting team in the history of gambling. Together with Jerry Palmer he beat casinos out of really huge money in 1969-89's. Pastposting technique was the main one used by Joe Classon and his team (it must be added that his wife was also the member of the team) though they used other cheating methods too.

Dustin Marks

This person can be deservedly called being one of the best blackjack cheaters ever because he had not been caught by pit bosses though worked as a casino dealer himself. Dustin Marks used such cheating methods as second dealing and false shuffling when worked in Las Vegas casinos in 1970's-1980's. Nobody would know about him being a good blackjack cheater if he did not write and published the book Cheating at Blackjack & Other Casino Games where he told everything about his career.

Phuong Quoc Truong

This person was a leader of the largest scamming organization which worked with the aim of beating blackjack illegally. His team was called to be Tran Organization and it had been operating for 6 years (2002-2007). The interesting fact is that even casino employees worked for Tran Organization as they were bribed; anyway, such a big cheating operation could not stay unnoticed for a long time: all members were finally caught, and all their secrets were revealed.

Roland "Rico" Chapa

This person can not be called being a very lucky blackjack cheater though the police had been trying to catch him for over 30 years. Roland Chapa was a bookmaker and gangster who was caught in 2008 when tried to cheat at blackjack during the St. Timothy Church festival: he was noticed to have 2 particular cards during one game of blackjack. Chapa had King of Diamonds and Ace of Spades; when he was asked to show his pockets, everyone noticed he had some additional cards with him.

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