Unusual Blackjack Strategies for Winning

There has been a major misconception that winning in the blackjack is usually connected with luck. Therefore most gamers tend to play the game on the belief that the game is a matter of chance only. However one can consistently win a game of blackjack with the employment of certain strategies much to the disdain of other gamers.

Winning Game Methods

The first strategy that a gamer can employ is hitting a soft eighteen against ace nine or ace ten. This basic strategy will ensure that the gamer comes further ahead rather than standing with the ace seven. The other gamers will no doubt be in lost why you are taking such a move. Inexperienced players will think that that is something they can never understand. And their inexperience will serve to give you an edge over the other players.

The gamer should also take insurance with bad hands. There has been a misguidance that gamers should have no need of taking insurance for bad hands. Buying insurance is not rooted to the quality of the hands. The decision should be vested entirely on the moves that are made during the cause of the game. The gamer should always ensure that if he or she is not counting cards then he should never take insurance. In a scenario where the gamer is not counting cards the odds definitely do not favor him or her. There are however situations where if one takes insurance the chances of winning the game are greatly reduced.

More Strategies – More Winnings

Another strategy that gamers should employ is to hit a bad hand against small cards. A bad hand usually encompasses such cards such as twelve all through to sixteen. This strategy involves aligning to the normal requirements of the game entailing the gamer to make an effective decision of whether hit or to stand depending on the card that the dealer is holding. In case the dealer has a small card then the general rule is usually that the gamer should stand.

There are however certain times when the bad hands should be hit. This is usually encouraged especially in scenarios where the gamer has a relative accurate knowledge that a majority of the remaining cards are small numbers.

One of the most controversial strategies that can be used is deciding to split the tens. A decision to do this may not auger well with the other players as it is seen as a form of jinx that offers bad luck to the other players. This argument cannot be underplayed as this might lead to bad play. However, proper application of this technique can hand a gamer an outright victory. This technique can prove can be very detrimental to any player who is not counting cards. However, when you know that there are a large number of tens remaining you can level the play against any player that applies the splitting tens technique.

There is therefore no doubt that a blackjack casino game can be determined by the placement of efficient gaming strategies during the course of the game.

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