Blackjack Players Who Proved to Be Real Experts

Among hundreds of successful blackjack players who were able to win really big money and beat blackjack games only several people can be called real experts and gurus of the game: they do not just play - they also do everything for blackjack to develop and become better and easier to win How to get Bonus. These people were honored to become the members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame for their input to the blackjack card game because they'd deserved to be there.

What are the achievements of these blackjack players?

  1. Some of them invented and developed winning blackjack strategies.
  2. Some of them described all blackjack secrets in books and scientific articles.
  3. Some of them invented new blackjack variations.
  4. Some of them were managers of blackjack teams which beat casinos out of millions.

The most popular blackjack players who proved to be real blackjack experts are:

Page 1: Edward Thorp

This person is believed to be the father of card counting because he was the first who described this betting strategy in a way understandable for average gamblers. Edward Thorp published the book Beat the Dealer in 1962, and it became the bestseller at once because it gave a hope to many blackjack players to beat this game finally.

Except of Beat the Dealer, Mr. Thorp wrote many blackjack books which were called to be really good guide for gamblers.

Page 2: Arnold Snyder

This person was chosen to become one of the initial Blackjack Hall of Fame's members for his useful blackjack books and scientific articles devoted to blackjack strategies and tactics: he has invented some winning blackjack strategies which helped gamblers to beat the game.

Today, Arnold Snyder leads the website Blackjack Forum where all interesting aspects of blackjack game are discovered.

Page 3: Al Francesco

This person is probably the most popular blackjack player in the history of this game because he was the inventor of team play at blackjack: thanks to Al Francesco, the new era of blackjack has begun when the game was beaten by small groups of gamblers which worked as a team and increased their chances for winning.

Al Francesco was a teacher of Ken Uston: he taught him to count cards and play as a team with other members of a group.

Page 4: Ken Uston

This person was one of the greatest blackjack players in the history of the game: he started as a member of Al Francesco's blackjack counting team but soon understood he wanted to go further. Ken Uston published the book The Big Player where revealed all the secrets of Al Francesco's work and became popular at once.

He had his own blackjack team, wrote many books devoted to blackjack and won cases against of casinos for the right of players to use card counting in gambling houses.

Page 5: Stanford Wong

This person is known as a great blackjack writer first of all because many of his gambling books became bestsellers; anyway Stanford Wong is also the author of one blackjack strategy known as Wonging. Moreover, he is the good analyst of many blackjack techniques and winning methods.

Stanford Wong is not the real name of this wonderful person: he is John Ferguson who took such a pen name because of the university he studied at.

Page 6: Peter Griffin

This person is not known as a passionate blackjack player because he never considered this casino game being his favorite hobby: Peter Griffin was a great mathematician who was interested to explain the theoretical part of blackjack. In his book The Theory of Blackjack Mr. Griffin described every aspect of blackjack from the mathematical point of view.

Thanks to his books, Peter Griffin is called to be one of 7 initial gurus of blackjack card game.

Page 7: Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland has devoted his life to the game of blackjack: he leads one of the most successful blackjack teams today which beats casinos out of big money every year. Tommy personally trains all team's members and does all administrative work. He has been managing his blackjack team for more than 30 years already.

Card counting is the main strategy used by Hyland's team for winning blackjack.

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